Detailed Information

Redbank Plains Veterinary Surgery, led by Dr. Hans Wolfik, is a reputable veterinary practice located in the serene Bellbird Park area. With over 30 years of experience, this family-owned business prides itself on providing exceptional care for pets and their families. The dedicated team of veterinarians, nurses, and technicians at Redbank Plains Veterinary Surgery is committed to offering a wide range of medical, surgical, and behavioral services to ensure the well-being of all furry companions.

Specializing in orthopedic surgeries, the clinic offers advanced procedures such as bone fracture repairs and cruciate repairs. In addition to surgical services, Redbank Plains Veterinary Surgery provides in-house diagnostic facilities including radiology and advanced blood testing. The practice also offers hydro-bathing, medical grooming services, and a variety of pet products to cater to the needs of every pet owner.

As a community-focused establishment, Redbank Plains Veterinary Surgery actively supports local educational initiatives by welcoming students from high schools, TAFE colleges, and universities for hands-on learning experiences. The clinic is a proud member of the National Desexing Network and contributes to charitable causes such as Westgate Church’s PNG mission. With a strong emphasis on compassionate care and expertise, Redbank Plains Veterinary Surgery is a trusted partner in ensuring the health and happiness of beloved pets.