Detailed Information

RED DOG Training is a premier canine training facility located in Bainbridge Island, WA, dedicated to bringing out the best in every handler and canine pair. Specializing in fostering engagement and trust, the team at RED DOG believes in making training sessions not only effective but also enjoyable. Classes are held in the spacious historic cabin at Island Center Hall on Mondays and Wednesdays, providing a welcoming environment for both beginners and experienced handlers.

For those looking for a unique and stimulating way to interact with their dogs, RED DOG offers barn hunt lessons in Poulsbo, WA. This exciting sport allows dogs to exercise their natural prey drive in a safe and humane manner, offering mental stimulation and a fun bonding experience for both dogs and their owners. The founder of RED DOG, Alanna, is a passionate dog sport enthusiast with a background in zoological and wildlife rehabilitation. Her dedication to training with compassion, empathy, and respect shines through in every aspect of RED DOG’s programs.

With a focus on creating strong partnerships between handlers and their canine companions, RED DOG Training is the go-to destination for those seeking a positive and rewarding training experience. Whether you’re looking to improve your dog’s obedience skills, engage in competitive sports, or simply have fun with your furry friend, RED DOG provides a supportive and encouraging environment for all training needs. Join the RED DOG community today and discover the joy of training with compassion and enthusiasm.