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Embark on a journey of veterinary excellence with Ranges Veterinary Rehabilitation. Our dedicated approach transforms dysfunction into function, ensuring your pet regains vitality and enjoys a higher quality of life. Our seasoned veterinarians blend modern medicine with holistic therapies to provide a comprehensive healing experience.

Our commitment transcends beyond mere treatment: Every pet receives a personalized treatment plan crafted to address their unique health challenges. Our holistic approach ensures your pet’s overall well-being is nurtured alongside treating specific ailments. Employing advanced veterinary techniques to provide safe, effective, and modern healthcare solutions. We provide educational support to pet owners, ensuring you have the knowledge to maintain your pet’s health beyond our clinic.

Dr. Elissa Marriott, our lead veterinarian, boasts a robust background in veterinary medicine, with a notable focus on sports medicine and rehabilitation. Since graduating as a veterinarian in 2008, Dr. Marriott has continually expanded her expertise. Her credentials include a Graduate Diploma of Chinese Veterinary Herbal Medicine, a Graduate Diploma of Animal Biomechanical Medicine, and certification as a Canine Rehabilitation Therapist. Dr. Marriott’s genuine love for animals shines through as she collaborates with pet owners to achieve the best possible outcomes.