Detailed Information

Railway Row Veterinary Clinic has been a cornerstone of the Emu Plains community since its establishment in 1986 by Dr. Mark Sayer and Dr. Karen Dobson. For 37 years, the clinic has been dedicated to providing compassionate care to all animals, whether domesticated or not. The team at Railway Row, including beloved furry members Figaro and Delilah, has always prioritized the well-being of their clients’ pets, creating a warm and welcoming environment for both animals and their human companions.

As the industry landscape has evolved over the years, Railway Row Veterinary Clinic has remained steadfast in its commitment to personalized and community-focused care. Dr. Mark Sayer, a seasoned veterinarian with a wealth of experience, and Dr. Karen Dobson, a renowned bird specialist, have led the clinic with passion and expertise. Their dedication to the welfare of animals has left a lasting impact on the Emu Plains area, earning the trust and gratitude of numerous clients over the decades.

Now, as Dr. Mark and Dr. Karen embark on a well-deserved retirement, Railway Row Veterinary Clinic bids farewell to its loyal clients and furry friends. While the clinic may be closing its doors, the legacy of compassionate care and dedication to animals will endure. The team expresses heartfelt thanks to the community for their support and trust, and invites clients to reach out for their pet’s records or any assistance needed during this transition period.