Detailed Information

Ragamuffin Doodles specializes in raising therapy level Double Doodles, a unique crossbreed of Groodle and Labradoodle, known for their exceptional qualities as support and companion pets. With a focus on preparing their puppies for a life in therapy and support services, Ragamuffin Doodles implements an advanced service curriculum to nurture the potential of each pup.

These wholehearted Double Doodles are carefully bred and raised with Early Neurological Stimulation, Early Scent Introduction, and various exposure techniques to ensure their well-rounded development. Many of their previous puppies have successfully transitioned into roles such as emotional support and seizure response, showcasing the effectiveness of their breeding and training methods.

  • Stud Muffins: Whisky (F1 Double Doodle), Jolly (multigeneration Groodle)
  • Mama’s: Cleo (F1 Double Doodle), Sushi (Purebreed Medium Poodle)
  • Future Mama: Mia (F1 Cavoodle)

Ragamuffin Doodles’ commitment to producing highly advanced puppies extends to providing comprehensive care packages for their new owners, including food, toys, a blanket, a bandana, and a Puppy Go Home Guide. With a passion for connecting their puppies with families across Australia, Ragamuffin Doodles sets a standard for excellence in breeding and preparing Double Doodles for a fulfilling life as therapy and companion animals.