Detailed Information

Rabbit Dachshund Australia is a family-run business based in Sydney, specializing in breeding purebred Kaninchen (Rabbit) Dachshunds. The business was born out of a passion for the unique and adorable Kaninchen Dachshund breed, which is the smallest type among the three Dachshund varieties. The journey to bring this rare breed to Australia was a long and challenging one, but the dedication of the family paid off as the Kaninchen Dachshund has now been officially recognized by the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC).

With a focus on breeding for temperament, health, and size, Rabbit Dachshund Australia ensures that each puppy comes from parents with original FCI pedigree and a prestigious bloodline of champions from various countries. The business prides itself on socializing their dogs extensively, allowing them to interact with people and other animals in various environments such as streets, beaches, and shops. Prospective pawparents are carefully selected, and the business encourages interested individuals to join a waiting list by providing relevant information about themselves and their experience with dogs.

As a pioneer in introducing the Kaninchen Dachshund to Australia, Rabbit Dachshund Australia invites animal lovers to follow their journey on social media platforms for updates and photos. The business values transparency and encourages potential customers to reach out via email or direct messages for any inquiries. With a commitment to breeding high-quality, well-socialized puppies, Rabbit Dachshund Australia aims to connect these unique and lovable companions with caring and responsible homes.