Detailed Information

Queens Scottish Fold is a boutique Scottish Fold and British Shorthair breeder located in New York City, founded by Jenny, a nurse and long-time cat lover. Jenny’s passion for the Scottish Fold breed was ignited during her time on the front lines of the pandemic, where she found solace in the companionship of her own Scottish Fold cats. What started as a personal love for the breed evolved into a commitment to preserving and sharing the unique qualities of Scottish Folds and British Shorthairs with others.

At Queens Scottish Fold, breeding is approached as both a science and an art, with a focus on producing healthy, well-adjusted, and sweet-tempered kittens. Jenny’s medical background drives her dedication to the health and well-being of the cats, leading to a rigorous genetic testing process for breed-specific diseases. As a registered cattery with ACA and TICA, Queens Scottish Fold upholds ethical breeding practices and ensures that all breeding cats are genetically tested to prevent the perpetuation of genetic disorders.

Queens Scottish Fold offers a personalized experience for both kittens and clients, with a commitment to providing a nurturing environment for the cats to thrive. Kittens are raised underfoot in Jenny’s home, socialized by the whole family, and provided with age-appropriate vaccinations, health guarantees, and lifetime breeder support. With a focus on raw and freeze-dried raw food, along with a range of amenities to promote a healthy and clean environment, Queens Scottish Fold aims to create lasting connections with families and provide ongoing support throughout the life of each kitten.