Detailed Information

Pussycat Park in Dubbo is a prestigious 5-star cattery offering luxury boarding services for a variety of pets, including cats, birds, guinea pigs, and rabbits. Whether pet owners are heading off on vacation or need a safe haven for their furry friends post-surgery, Pussycat Park provides the perfect home away from home. With an experienced vet nurse on-site, every animal receives top-notch care and attention.

At Pussycat Park, every guest is treated to a personal suite equipped with luxury bedding, fine cuisine, entertainment options like TV, and ample play space. The cattery boasts secure accommodations for a range of small animals, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay for each guest. The climate-controlled suites come complete with toys, scratching posts, and all the creature comforts needed for a relaxing holiday.

Owned and operated by Dian, a seasoned professional with a background in vet nursing and wildlife care, Pussycat Park is a trusted choice for pet boarding in Dubbo. The facility has garnered praise for its exceptional service and dedication to animal welfare, making it a popular destination for pet owners seeking premium care for their beloved companions. To book a stay for your pet or inquire about services, contact the friendly team at Pussycat Park today.