Detailed Information

Puss Inn Bass is a boutique cattery located in the serene Woolamai Hills of South/East Gippsland, just 100 kilometers south of Melbourne on the way to Phillip Island. The cattery is dedicated to providing a peaceful, secure, and friendly environment for your beloved furry companions while you are away. The team at Puss Inn Bass is passionate about animal welfare and ensures that each guest receives individual attention, cuddles, and grooming.

At Puss Inn Bass, modern and clean accommodation awaits your furry friends, complete with heating/cooling, calming music, aroma therapy, comfy bedding, and a variety of toys and activities to keep them entertained. With 26 inside units designed for comfort and relaxation, as well as a safe outdoor decking area overlooking a picturesque dam, your pets can enjoy the sounds of nature and bask in the sun while playing with an array of toys and games.

The cattery also offers the convenience of providing your pet’s usual food to maintain their routine, and has arrangements with a local veterinary clinic for any medical needs that may arise during their stay. Prior to booking, owners are required to provide proof of a current F3 vaccination for the safety of all guests. Puss Inn Bass is committed to ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable experience for both pets and owners, making it the ideal retreat for your furry family members.