Detailed Information

Welcome to Purrfect Pet Spa, a boutique pet grooming salon exclusively dedicated to the pampering and care of beloved cats. Owned and operated by Natasha, a passionate cat groomer, Purrfect Pet Spa offers a stress-free and tranquil grooming experience for your feline companions. With a home-based setup, the salon provides a serene environment with relaxing music, soothing essential oils, cat grass, treats, and a gentle touch to ensure your cat feels comfortable and at ease throughout their grooming session.

Natasha’s dedication to providing top-notch grooming services for cats in need of un-sedated care sets Purrfect Pet Spa apart. With a focus on individualized attention and care, Natasha ensures that each cat receives personalized grooming tailored to their unique needs and preferences. As a pet care professional and devoted pet parent herself, Natasha understands the importance of creating a safe and secure environment where cats can relax and enjoy a grooming experience that leaves them looking, smelling, and feeling their best.

At Purrfect Pet Spa, Natasha’s commitment to excellence and her genuine love for cats shine through in every grooming session. Whether your cat is in need of a simple trim or a full grooming makeover, Natasha’s gentle and loving approach guarantees a positive and enjoyable experience for your furry friend. Contact Natasha today to schedule a grooming appointment and treat your beloved cat to the purrfect spa experience they deserve.