Detailed Information

Purpose Canine is a Melbourne-based Dog-Guide Consulting & Therapy Dog Services business dedicated to utilizing purpose-trained canines to provide support and assistance to the community. Specializing in working with established dog-guide/handler teams, our focus is on supporting specific goals and needs to enhance the lives of our clients and their guides. Additionally, we offer community therapy dog visits aimed at promoting social, emotional, and physiological well-being through positive canine interactions.

At Purpose Canine, our mission is to empower individuals and make a positive impact on the wider community through canine-assisted interactions. Led by Jenny, a passionate professional with over 10 years of experience in working with dogs to improve people’s lives, we are committed to developing safe and independent travel with dog-guides, providing connection and support through therapy dog interactions, and strengthening the bond between owners and companion dogs.

Qualified and experienced in Guide Dog Mobility Instruction (GDMI) and Therapy Dog Handling, Jenny continues to make a difference in the community by offering specialized services as a GDMI and with her Therapy Dog, Mango. With a focus on enhancing relationships and fostering well-being, Purpose Canine is dedicated to creating meaningful and impactful experiences through the power of canine companionship.