Detailed Information

Puppy Portal is a dedicated resource for new and experienced puppy owners seeking guidance and support in raising a well-adjusted family dog. Founded by Karen, a knowledgeable and experienced force-free dog trainer, Puppy Portal offers valuable insights and practical advice on puppy training and behavior. Located on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Puppy Portal provides in-person private training sessions and a carefully curated selection of dog toys designed to promote healthy canine behaviors.

With a focus on enriching the lives of both puppies and their owners, Puppy Portal aims to bridge the gap in knowledge that often arises during the crucial early stages of puppy ownership. Karen’s expertise, backed by years of experience in puppy training and running puppy schools, ensures that pet parents receive the necessary tools and information to foster a positive relationship with their furry companions. Whether you’re embarking on your first puppy journey or seeking to enhance your existing dog parenting skills, Puppy Portal is here to guide you through the challenges and joys of puppy raising.

By signing up with Puppy Portal, pet owners gain access to valuable resources such as enrichment ideas and expert advice on dog care. Through a commitment to force-free training methods and a passion for promoting mental and behavioral well-being in dogs, Puppy Portal strives to empower puppy owners to make informed decisions and create a harmonious environment for their beloved pets.