Detailed Information

Project Meow Geelong is a dedicated charity organization focused on promoting animal welfare and managing the feline population in the City of Greater Geelong. With a strong emphasis on prevention, Project Meow aims to reduce the number of kittens and cats needing rehoming and care due to breeding and overpopulation. By offering low-cost and free desexing services, prioritizing cats in low-income homes or at risk of breeding, Project Meow is actively working towards creating a more sustainable and compassionate community for our feline friends.

Through their innovative Kitten Club program, Project Meow provides support to cat owners by ensuring kittens are on a safer path and offering free desexing for mother cats. By addressing the root causes of overpopulation, Project Meow believes in changing the future for cats in Geelong and beyond. Their mission is not only to improve the health and behavior of individual cats but also to have a positive impact on the overall cat population control in the region.

With a strong focus on community support and collaboration, Project Meow invites cat lovers and advocates to join their cause and contribute to the success of their desexing program. By raising awareness about the importance of responsible cat ownership and the benefits of desexing, Project Meow aims to create a well-managed cat community in Australia. Through partnerships with local animal welfare organizations and supporters, Project Meow continues to make a dramatic difference in the lives of cats and the overall welfare of the community.