Detailed Information

Problems On Paws is a dedicated dog training business located in Hornsby, Sydney, NSW. Founded by Jenny, a passionate animal lover with a deep-rooted love for dogs, the business aims to foster harmonious relationships between dogs and their owners through positive reinforcement training methods. With a focus on supporting puppies, adolescent, and adult dogs, Problems On Paws helps clients build strong partnerships with their canine companions, ensuring a lifetime of teamwork and understanding.

At Problems On Paws, the emphasis is on effective communication and mutual respect between dogs and humans. Jenny’s personal journey with her dog, Benji, serves as a testament to the transformative power of positive training techniques. Having undergone professional training and education in animal behavior modification, Jenny is equipped with the knowledge and skills to guide dog owners in nurturing well-behaved and confident pets. By sharing her experiences and expertise, Jenny strives to empower dog owners to navigate the challenges of pet ownership with patience, empathy, and effective training strategies.

Through a combination of theoretical knowledge, practical experience, and a genuine love for animals, Problems On Paws offers a holistic approach to dog training. By helping dogs understand and respond to their owners’ cues, Jenny enables clients to address undesirable behaviors and cultivate a positive environment for both dogs and humans. With a commitment to promoting happy and fulfilling relationships between pets and their families, Problems On Paws stands as a trusted partner in the journey towards creating well-adjusted, happy dogs and satisfied owners.