Detailed Information

Primal Paws is a leading pet rehabilitation and fitness center dedicated to getting your furry friends back to normal and keeping them healthy and strong. Specializing in a range of services including Titre Testing as an alternative to yearly vaccinations, Ultrasound for accurate diagnosis, and Platelet Rich Plasma therapy using your pet’s own cells for healing, Primal Paws offers a holistic approach to pet care. Their team of experts also provides seminars and lectures to make theoretical knowledge practical, along with behavioral vet consultations to help you train your best friend effectively.

At Primal Paws, the focus is on utilizing exercise and other techniques to improve patient outcomes and enhance the quality of life for pets. Whether your pet is facing medical conditions, in need of fitness training, or simply requires preventive care, Primal Paws is the go-to destination. By working closely with your regular veterinarian, they ensure a tailored treatment plan that suits your pet’s specific needs. From pregnancy care to injury prevention and conditioning programs, Primal Paws offers comprehensive health monitoring and early disease detection to keep your pet in optimal health.

Whether your pet is experiencing a specific condition or you simply want to maintain their well-being, Primal Paws is always ready to assist. With a passion for keeping pets fit, strong, and happy, the team at Primal Paws welcomes all pet owners to reach out for expert advice, support, and personalized care for their beloved companions.