Detailed Information

Presents For Paws is a unique and personalized dog gift box service based in Melbourne, Australia. Launched in 2020 out of a deep love for furry family members, the company is dedicated to providing a wide range of toys, accessories, and luxury items tailored to suit every dog’s personality, age, and breed. With a focus on customization and quality, Presents For Paws offers carefully curated gift boxes packed with over 20 items, including premium plush toys, chew toys, and a custom-made 350GSM Microfibre towel for the ultimate pampering experience.

At Presents For Paws, the team understands the importance of safety and individual needs when it comes to dogs. Extensive research on breeds and toy types ensures that every product offered is suitable and enjoyable for furry companions. The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident through personalized interactions with each customer, ensuring that every box is tailored to perfection. Whether you’re looking to spoil your own four-legged friend or surprise a fellow dog lover, Presents For Paws is dedicated to delivering joy and excitement through their thoughtfully curated gift boxes.

Driven by a passion for dogs and a desire to provide enriching experiences for pets of all sizes and temperaments, Presents For Paws is led by company directors Bella and Oscar, both Lagotto Romagnolo breeds. Their playful nature and love for adventure inspire the selection of toys and accessories that cater to various play styles and preferences. With a focus on creating memorable moments and fostering the bond between dogs and their owners, Presents For Paws aims to bring happiness and tail-wagging delight to homes across Australia through their carefully crafted gift boxes.