Detailed Information

Power Pooches is a dedicated dog training and behaviorist service founded by Jake and Sasha, offering personalized solutions for a wide range of canine issues. Specializing in puppy training, anxiety management, leash reactivity, excessive barking, and more, Power Pooches provides private sessions that are affordable, flexible, and tailored to each dog’s unique needs. With a focus on force-free methods and a commitment to educating dog owners, Power Pooches aims to empower both dogs and their human companions.

At Power Pooches, the emphasis is on teaching rather than training, creating a positive and supportive environment for dogs of all ages and backgrounds. Jake’s journey with Sasha, a once-anxious and reactive dog, inspired the development of Power Pooches as a solution to the lack of accessible and effective dog training options. By prioritizing education, understanding, and communication, Power Pooches helps owners build stronger bonds with their furry friends and navigate behavioral challenges with patience and empathy.

Power Pooches welcomes all dogs, including those who are reactive, anxious, nervous, rescues, or puppies, and advocates for a holistic approach to dog care that goes beyond basic obedience. By promoting positive reinforcement, knowledge sharing, and individualized attention, Power Pooches strives to create a supportive community where dogs and their owners can thrive together. Discover the transformative power of compassionate dog training with Power Pooches.