Detailed Information

Positively Pawsome Training Solutions is a reputable canine training business established in 2019, specializing in customized training plans, private behavior consultations, and group training programs. With a strong emphasis on mutual respect, understanding, choice, and affection, our services are designed to cater to the individual needs of each dog and their owner. We offer both in-person and online training options to accommodate a wide range of clients.

Our training approach at Positively Pawsome Training Solutions is evidence-based, drawing from validated research in the fields of canine behavior, learning theory, and welfare. We prioritize using motivational techniques such as markers, toys, and food to train dogs, fostering their confidence and promoting positive reinforcement. Rather than simply fixing behavioral issues, we focus on educating dog owners on implementing effective training programs, managing their home environment, and understanding the root causes of behaviors.

Founded by Sara Martin, a highly qualified and experienced professional in the field, Positively Pawsome Training Solutions is dedicated to improving the lives of canine companions and their owners. Sara’s extensive certifications and affiliations with reputable organizations ensure that our training methods are up-to-date, practical, and delivered with care. Whether you’re located in the Barossa Valley or beyond, our online training packages and personalized consultations are designed to help dogs and their owners build strong, lasting bonds based on trust and positive reinforcement.