Detailed Information

Positive Response Dog Training is a renowned business offering a wide range of services to pet owners in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, and the Gold Coast. With a team of qualified trainers dedicated to achieving the best outcomes for your furry companions, the business specializes in group dog training courses such as Puppy School for pups aged 8-16 weeks, Older Puppy & Adult Dog School for those 5+ months old, and ongoing education classes. Additionally, they provide personalized individual training options including one-on-one private training in your home, personal training at their venue, and virtual training sessions.

Aside from dog training, Positive Response Dog Training also offers various other services to cater to the needs of pet owners. These services include pet sitting, dog walking/minding, an online shop for pet supplies, training handbooks, and Positive Response Assistance Dogs (PRAD) that work with mental health disorders. The business is committed to training and certifying psychiatric assistance dog teams under the QLD Guide Hearing and Assistance Dog act (GHAD) 2009, showcasing their dedication to enhancing the well-being of both pets and their owners.

Founded by Dee Scott, a nationally qualified trainer with over 30 years of experience in the dog training industry, Positive Response Dog Training has grown from a small, part-time venture to an award-winning business with a team of experienced and fully qualified staff. The business prides itself on using reward-based and force-free training methods to ensure the best results for their clients. With a focus on operant conditioning and positive reinforcement, Positive Response Dog Training aims to help pet owners build strong bonds with their dogs and create well-behaved, obedient companions.