Detailed Information

Positive K9 Training, established in 2011 by Founder Chris Loverseed, is a reputable dog training business based in Melbourne. Our team of trainers, all qualified by The National Dog Trainers Federation, is dedicated to providing high-quality and professional guidance to pet owners looking to set their puppies up for success. We focus on key principles such as appropriate management, reliable obedience training, socialization, and stimulation to help dogs reach their greatest potential.

Our VIP Dog Training service goes beyond traditional training programs by offering a comprehensive solution tailored to cater to all aspects of a dog’s life. Located in the heart of Melbourne, we understand the unique needs of dog owners in our city and provide personalized training and daily management to ensure the well-being and happiness of every dog we work with. Whether you’re looking to address leash pulling, jumping on people, or excessive excitement when meeting new dogs, our experienced team can help you achieve your training goals efficiently.

  • Secure learning environment for your puppy
  • Ongoing coaching from a highly-experienced team
  • Goal of socializing with other puppies and people
  • Basic obedience commands training

Our 4-week Puppy Course is designed to equip your puppy with the necessary skills to behave well in public settings, without the common issues like jumping on people or pulling on the leash. If you’re ready to transform your dog into a well-mannered and obedient companion, Positive K9 Training is here to help you achieve that and more.