Detailed Information

Positive Elements Behaviour Vet is a distinguished veterinary service dedicated to addressing and resolving behavioural issues in pets. Dr. Cathy Lau, the esteemed Veterinarian and Director, leads the team with a wealth of experience and expertise in animal behaviour, low stress handling, and cooperative care. The business focuses on creating harmony between pet owners and their animals by employing kindness, compassion, and evidence-based methods. Specializing in treating a wide range of behavioural issues in dogs and cats, such as aggression, anxiety, excessive barking, and more, Positive Elements offers consultations, custom treatment plans, and online support to modify problem behaviours and strengthen the bond between pets and their owners.

Dr. Cathy’s approach at Positive Elements is rooted in positive reinforcement as the primary training technique, emphasizing reward over punishment to foster a positive and stress-free consultation experience for all pet clients. The business prides itself on staying abreast of the latest scientific methods and knowledge in veterinary behavioural medicine, with a commitment to continuous learning and education. Dr. Cathy’s dedication to improving the mental wellbeing of pets is evident in her role as a lecturer and tutor for small animal behaviour units at Murdoch University, where she educates future veterinarians on pet mental health and cooperative care.

Positive Elements’ philosophy is encapsulated in its name, reflecting the team’s belief in using positive elements to analyze and modify behaviour, much like the building blocks of chemistry or the principles of space in visual arts. With a focus on providing evidence-based treatment plans and a compassionate approach to helping pets and their owners, Positive Elements Behaviour Vet stands out as a trusted resource for individuals and professionals seeking expert behavioural consultation and support for their furry companions.