Detailed Information

Positive Dogs is a reputable dog training business founded in 2010 by Louise Ginman, a passionate dog lover and professional dog trainer. The business was established with the aim of providing dog owners with the necessary skills to train their dogs for real-life situations and foster a strong bond between them. Positive Dogs believes in using positive reinforcement techniques to train both dogs and their human companions, ensuring a fun and effective learning experience.

With a team of up to six dedicated instructors, Positive Dogs offers a range of training programs for puppies, adolescents, and adult dogs. The training sessions focus on building better relationships between dogs and their owners through reward-based methods that make learning enjoyable and successful. All primary instructors at Positive Dogs are accredited professional dog trainers, committed to helping clients achieve their training goals and create harmonious relationships with their canine companions.

Whether you are looking to teach your dog basic commands, improve their behavior, or enhance your understanding of canine communication, Positive Dogs provides comprehensive training that covers various aspects of dog care, including enrichment, health, diet, exercise, and behavior. By prioritizing positive reinforcement and personalized instruction, Positive Dogs aims to empower dog owners to become confident and effective guardians for their beloved pets, fostering a harmonious and fulfilling relationship within the family unit.