Detailed Information

Portside Training and Canine Consulting LLC is a reputable business founded by a certified behavior consultant and dog trainer based in Massachusetts. With a strong focus on behavior modification and obedience training, the business owner has been dedicated to providing top-notch services since 2018. Emphasizing a cognitive approach to working with dogs, the business aims to create a safe, happy, and comfortable environment for both dogs and their owners.

The founder of Portside Training and Canine Consulting LLC holds certifications from the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT) as a Behavior consultant (CBCC-KA) and as a dog trainer (CPDT-KA). Additionally, they have earned a master’s degree in Human-Canine Life sciences from Bergin University, ensuring that all services are backed by scientific knowledge and years of experience. Clients can trust that their furry companions are in capable hands with a professional who is dedicated to their well-being.

With a philosophy centered around finding the fun in training and behavior modification, Portside Training and Canine Consulting LLC stands out in a crowded industry. By steering away from traditional methods and focusing on positive reinforcement, the business sets itself apart from other dog trainers. For expert guidance and compassionate care for your canine companion, reach out to Portside Training and Canine Consulting LLC via email at matt@portsidebehaviorconsulting.com or by phone at 617-275-5965.