Detailed Information

Polite Pups is a reputable dog training and boarding business located in Sydney, Australia, founded by a dedicated and experienced professional dog trainer. With a passion for helping new dog owners navigate the challenges of pet ownership and addressing behavioral issues in dogs, Polite Pups offers a range of services to cater to the needs of both dogs and their owners.

Specializing in working with reactive dogs and those with behavioral issues, Polite Pups aims to create and maintain a balanced relationship between dogs and their owners. The business owner, who has a background in volunteering at a no-kill shelter and extensive training in dog handling and behavior modification, is committed to providing valuable information and guidance to dog owners to enhance their handling skills and build confidence in managing their furry companions.

As a strong advocate for rescue dogs and adoption, Polite Pups offers a 10% discount to individuals with rescue dogs, reflecting the business’s commitment to supporting rescue organizations and promoting responsible pet ownership. With a focus on education and continuous learning, Polite Pups ensures that both dogs and their owners receive the necessary tools and support to enjoy a harmonious and fulfilling relationship.