Detailed Information

Polastar Samoyeds, owned by Lorraine & Ron Addison, is a renowned Samoyed breeding business located at 98 Maroondah Highway, Croydon, Victoria, 3136, Australia. Established in 1967, Polastar Kennels has a rich history in breeding high-quality Samoyeds with impressive lineage and show achievements. The business prides itself on maintaining the breed’s traditional characteristics of strength, grace, and a gentle temperament, which have been cherished by generations of Samoyed enthusiasts.

The Samoyed breed, known for its striking beauty and friendly nature, has a long history of companionship with mankind. Originating from the Northern Siberian Tribe of Samoyede people, these dogs were valued for their versatility in tasks such as herding reindeer, hunting, and providing warmth in the harsh Arctic climate. Polastar Samoyeds continues this legacy by breeding Samoyeds that embody the breed’s original traits of intelligence, loyalty, and devotion to their owners.

At Polastar Samoyeds, each dog is carefully bred to meet the breed standards of strength, agility, and a weather-resistant coat. With a focus on maintaining the Samoyed’s working dog heritage, the business aims to produce dogs that are not only visually stunning but also capable of enduring various tasks. Whether in the show ring or as beloved family pets, Polastar Samoyeds are known for their exceptional quality and the enduring spirit of Christmas they bring to their owners year-round.