Detailed Information

Platinum Bullies is a renowned American Bully dog breeder located in Australia, offering shipping services both domestically and internationally. Specializing in the pocket American Bully breed, Platinum Bullies prides itself on providing exceptional care and love to all their dogs. Unlike traditional kennels, their dogs enjoy daily walks, sunbathing in spacious paddocks, premium raw food, regular baths, and massages. The team at Platinum Bullies believes in humane dog breeding practices and ensures that their dogs lead a fulfilling and happy life within a pack environment.

With a strong focus on breeding for stable temperament and physical characteristics, Platinum Bullies has imported exclusive bloodlines from top American breeders to Australia. Their goal is to produce American Bullies that are wider, thicker, and visually striking, adhering to the breed standard. By avoiding crossbreeding and conducting DNA testing, Platinum Bullies maintains the genetic integrity of their dogs and prioritizes health and well-being in their breeding program. They also emphasize socialization of puppies and provide ongoing support to new dog owners.

Operating on a spacious property with ample room for dogs to roam, Platinum Bullies ensures a safe and hygienic environment for their animals. Their commitment to quality, care, and passion for the American Bully breed is evident in their dedication to improving the breed standards in Australia. Through social media engagement and community collaboration, Platinum Bullies aims to elevate the popularity and recognition of the American Bully breed in the country.