Detailed Information

Pets Haven Veterinary Clinic is a privately owned business dedicated to re-homing orphan felines and canines in need of a second chance at life. Located in Woodend, VIC, and Bayswater North, VIC, Pets Haven rescues animals from death row pounds, cruelty cases, and puppy farms, providing them with the necessary medical attention and care to ensure a full recovery.

Each animal that enters Pets Haven is vet checked, desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, and given flea treatment. The dedicated staff and volunteers at Pets Haven spend time getting to know each animal, conducting temperament tests to match them with suitable adopters. Animals that require rehabilitation are placed in foster homes until they are ready for adoption, ensuring they are rehomed into a loving and suitable environment.

At Pets Haven Veterinary Clinic, the highest value is “pro-life,” and every effort is made to responsibly rehouse orphaned animals back into the community. Whether you are looking to adopt a new fur-friend or need veterinary care for your pet, Pets Haven provides a compassionate and caring environment for both animals and pet owners.