Detailed Information

Pets at Peace Home Vet is a compassionate and dedicated home euthanasia vet service based in Perth, Western Australia. Dr. Ann, a veterinary surgeon and practitioner of Thought Field Therapy, Neurolinguistic Programming, and Access Consciousness, leads the team in providing a loving and peaceful farewell for your furry family members. With a focus on creating a healing experience, Pets at Peace Home Vet offers individual consultations to help dissolve emotional pain, leaving behind cherished memories.

Dr. Ann’s personal journey and passion for ending unnecessary suffering in both furry and non-furry family members drive the mission of Pets at Peace Home Vet. By working closely with families to ensure a peaceful transition for their beloved pets, the team aims to replace traumatic memories with love and peace. Additionally, 10% of the profits from each home euthanasia are donated to rescue organizations, providing homeless animals with a chance to find a loving home.

Through their unique approach to end-of-life care for pets, Pets at Peace Home Vet strives to touch as many lives as possible, offering support and guidance during difficult times. By sharing their message of creating loving and peaceful memories, the team hopes to bring comfort and healing to families facing the loss of a furry family member.