Detailed Information

Petbarn is a beloved pet care destination that goes beyond just being a store – it’s a part of the Petbarn Family. With a team of dedicated and passionate members who adore pets as much as their owners do, Petbarn ensures that every furry, feathery, or scaly friend is treated with the utmost care and attention. As part of the Petbarn Family, over 800 Greencross Vets collaborate to provide comprehensive health and wellness services, promising to care for pets as if they were their own.

At Petbarn, the focus is on holistic pet care, recognizing that health and happiness are a result of physical and mental well-being. The knowledgeable team, with over 210,000 hours of nutrition training, offers expert advice on pet food and nutrition, ensuring a complete and balanced diet that meets both veterinary standards and pets’ preferences. From preventative care routines to vet visits and dental care, Petbarn is committed to supporting pet parents in every aspect of their furry companions’ lives.

With a wide range of products including toys, training essentials, grooming supplies, and comfortable accessories, Petbarn aims to strengthen the bond between pets and their owners through play, training, and creating a safe and cozy environment. Whether it’s recommending the perfect toy for a playful pup or providing guidance on establishing good habits, Petbarn is dedicated to helping pet parents navigate the journey of pet ownership with confidence and joy.