Detailed Information

Pet Town is a reputable pet store with two convenient locations in Chatswood and Castle Hill, NSW. Founded by Rod and Narelle in 1994, Pet Town has a rich history of owning and operating various pet stores over the years. With a strong network of breeders across NSW, Rod and Narelle personally select puppies and kittens from trusted sources, ensuring the highest quality and welfare standards. The breeders associated with Pet Town are passionate individuals dedicated to their craft, with a focus on the well-being of the animals above all else.

  • Available Pets: Dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, fish, hermit crabs, and birds
  • Breeds: A wide variety of dog and cat breeds to choose from, each with unique characteristics and requirements
  • Services: Pet Town offers comprehensive guidance to potential pet owners, assisting them in selecting the right pet based on their lifestyle and preferences. From grooming and training advice to health guarantees and post-purchase support, the team at Pet Town is committed to ensuring a smooth transition for both the pet and its new family.

For those considering adding a furry friend to their family, Pet Town provides a welcoming environment where customers can interact with the available puppies and kittens, ask questions, and receive expert advice. With a focus on responsible breeding practices and customer education, Pet Town strives to create lasting relationships between pets and their owners. Visit either of our stores in Chatswood or Castle Hill to explore the wonderful world of puppies and kittens waiting to find their forever homes.