Detailed Information

Pet Town is a reputable pet store with two convenient locations in Chatswood and Castle Hill, NSW. Founded by Rod and Narelle in 1994, Pet Town has a long-standing history of providing customers with a wide selection of puppies and kittens sourced from a network of trusted breeders across New South Wales. Rod and Narelle personally oversee the procurement process, ensuring that all animals are ethically bred and well-cared for before they arrive at the stores.

At Pet Town, customers can expect a personalized and informative experience when choosing a new furry companion. The knowledgeable staff are well-versed in the characteristics and care requirements of different breeds, helping prospective pet owners make an informed decision based on their lifestyle and preferences. From initial considerations such as space and allergies to detailed discussions on grooming, training, and healthcare, Pet Town guides customers through every step of the pet adoption process.

With a strong emphasis on animal welfare, Pet Town prioritizes the well-being of their pets even after they leave the store. Customers are provided with a health guarantee and encouraged to schedule a complimentary vet check-up within three days of bringing their new puppy or kitten home. Additionally, Pet Town offers ongoing support and advice to ensure that both pets and their owners have a smooth transition and a happy, healthy life together.