Detailed Information

Perth Training and Obedience Dog Club Inc is a dedicated not-for-profit organization established in 1973, located in Victoria Park, Western Australia. Our club is committed to helping dog owners of all breeds by providing effective, science-based training methods that yield real-world results. We offer obedience classes designed to cultivate a strong bond between owners and their furry companions through the principles of leadership, trust, and cooperation. Additionally, our agility classes provide an exciting and enjoyable sport for dogs and their owners, catering to both beginners and those interested in competing at a higher level.

At Perth Training and Obedience Dog Club, our primary mission is to promote a strong bond between dog owners and their furry companions while ensuring an enjoyable experience for all. We are proudly affiliated with Dogswest and conduct Dogs Australia sanctioned trials, open to dogs of all breeds. Our dedicated Committee of volunteers leads the club, with experienced trainers who selflessly volunteer their expertise to help fellow dog enthusiasts in the community enjoy working with their beloved companions. Whether you’re looking to tackle basic obedience or address specific behavioral issues, our goal is to provide effective and positive training methods that foster a strong bond and understanding between you and your dog.

Join Perth Training and Obedience Dog Club today and gain access to our top-notch training classes. Our club offers a comprehensive membership that allows you to attend obedience and agility classes, as well as participate in trials and competitions. Experience the joy of obedience and agility training in a supportive environment that encourages growth and development for both dogs and their handlers. Together, let’s shape well-behaved and obedient dogs at Perth Training and Obedience Dog Club Inc.