Detailed Information

Perth Animal Eye Hospital is a leading veterinary practice dedicated to providing exceptional eye care services for pets. Our practice is committed to excellence in all aspects of veterinary eye care, offering a world-class referral service to veterinarians, their clients, and beloved animal companions. We prioritize building professional client relationships based on compassion, trust, quality of service, affordability, availability, and clear communication.

Specializing in veterinary ophthalmology, Perth Animal Eye Hospital serves as an extension of the care provided by general veterinary practitioners. When your veterinarian refers you to our hospital, it signifies their commitment to prioritizing your pet’s well-being. Our team of specialists is equipped with the expertise and advanced equipment necessary to diagnose and treat a wide range of eye conditions, ensuring the best possible outcomes for your furry family members.

At Perth Animal Eye Hospital, we understand the importance of early intervention and specialized care for pets experiencing eye issues. If you have concerns about your pet’s eyesight, we recommend consulting your veterinarian first for an initial assessment. Your vet can determine if a referral to our specialist services is necessary, ensuring that your pet receives the tailored care and attention they deserve for optimal eye health.