Detailed Information

Peninsula Vet Care in Mt Eliza is one of the original hospitals established by the renowned Dr. Andrew Trezise over 40 years ago. As a locally owned and operated business, Peninsula Vet Care is dedicated to providing top-notch healthcare services to all animals in the area. With a team of over 60 experienced veterinarians, the clinic offers a wide range of medical services under one roof, ensuring comprehensive and efficient care for pets.

Over the years, Peninsula Vet Care has expanded its reach and services to better cater to the needs of the community. From the conversion of the Dromana facility into a modern clinic to the establishment of a 24/7 Emergency and Referral Hospital in East Mornington, the business has continuously evolved to offer state-of-the-art healthcare solutions. The clinic’s commitment to excellence is evident through its investment in new technologies, renovations, and highly skilled staff, all aimed at providing the highest levels of care to every animal that walks through their doors.

As a proud and supportive member of the Mornington Peninsula community, Peninsula Vet Care strives to build lifelong relationships with both pet owners and their furry companions. The clinic’s dedication to enriching the lives of animals is reflected in its personalized approach to healthcare and its emphasis on maintaining patient histories for quick and effective treatment. With a focus on quality, expertise, and compassion, Peninsula Vet Care remains a trusted destination for pet owners seeking exceptional veterinary services.