Detailed Information

Peninsula Obedience Dog Club Inc. is a dedicated group of unpaid volunteers, including office bearers, committee members, and fully qualified instructors, who generously offer their time to assist dog owners in training their beloved pets. Located in the picturesque Peninsula area, the club will be reopening on Sunday, February 4th, welcoming both new and existing members to join in the training sessions.

Recognizing and respecting the Traditional Custodians of the land, the Bunurong people, Peninsula Obedience Dog Club emphasizes the importance of fostering a strong bond between humans and dogs through obedience training. From Dobermans to Border Collies, and from toy breeds to sled dogs, all dogs possess the ability to learn and benefit from structured training. The club promotes a positive and enjoyable training environment where dogs and their owners can learn and grow together.

  • Training sessions cater to dogs of all ages and skill levels, from puppies to advanced competition standards.
  • Benefits of obedience training include mental stimulation, physical activity, strengthened bonds, and practical applications in everyday life.
  • Joining Peninsula Obedience Dog Club offers a rewarding opportunity for dog owners to engage in a fulfilling hobby, enhance their canine companions’ potential, and contribute to a more responsible and harmonious community.