Detailed Information

Peanut’s Pet Hampers is a unique business dedicated to providing high-quality pet product hampers for dogs and cats. Named after the founder’s beloved Jack Russell Terrier, Peanut, the business is driven by a passion for spoiling our four-legged family members. With a focus on offering premium products, each item in the hampers is carefully selected and tested by Peanut herself, ensuring top-notch quality and satisfaction for furry companions.

Founded with the goal of creating a hamper of happiness for pets, Peanut’s Pet Hampers understands the importance of treating our best mates with the best care and products available. The business prides itself on catering to the individuality and uniqueness of each pet, just like Peanut and her older brother Gasket, a Jack Russell Crossbreed. Whether it’s holidaying in a caravan, running around a farm, or simply enjoying everyday adventures, Peanut’s Pet Hampers aims to enhance the lives of pets and their owners through thoughtful and luxurious offerings.

With a commitment to providing a higher-end experience for pets, Peanut’s Pet Hampers is a go-to destination for pet owners looking to indulge their furry friends with premium treats and products. The business’s dedication to quality, passion for pets, and personalized approach make it a trusted choice for those seeking to spoil their dogs and cats with the best that life has to offer.