Detailed Information

Pawsitive Behaviour Veterinary Services in Australia, led by Dr. Jake Lin, is dedicated to helping pet owners address and manage their pets’ behavioural issues. With a focus on developing a trusting bond between owners and their pets, the veterinary service offers consultations by appointment to assess and provide tailored medical therapy and training management for each individual pet. Dr. Lin’s expertise extends to working with both working dogs and house pets, as well as feline and avian patients, ensuring a comprehensive approach to behavioural concerns.

Understanding that behavioural problems can be distressing for both animals and owners, Pawsitive Behaviour Veterinary Services emphasizes the importance of a long-term management plan to reduce anxiety, stress, and frustration. By keeping techniques and treatments simple initially, the service aims to improve compliance and success, gradually progressing to more complex behaviour modification plans when necessary. Dr. Lin’s commitment to improving the quality of life for pets aligns with his belief in creating a happier and calmer state of mind for animals, fostering a harmonious relationship between pets and their owners.

As a member of the ANZCVS Veterinary Behaviour Chapter, Pawsitive Behaviour Veterinary Services is a trusted resource for pet owners seeking assistance with general behavioural issues and mental health disorders in animals. From diagnosing maladaptive fears and anxiety to formulating treatment plans for complex behaviour problems, the veterinary service offers a holistic approach that includes environmental management, behaviour modification, and appropriate medication when indicated. With a focus on enhancing the understanding of pets’ behaviour and promoting animal welfare, Dr. Lin and his team are dedicated to helping clients better manage anxiety, aggression, and other common behavioural problems.