Detailed Information

Paws to Heal is a holistic veterinary practice founded by Dr. Saranyu Pearson, an experienced Australian Veterinarian with over thirty years of expertise in treating a diverse range of health issues in domestic animals. Dr. Pearson specializes in classical homeopathy and integrative veterinary medicine, offering natural healing options for pets in the Geelong region. With a strong focus on individualized care and alternative healing methods, Paws to Heal provides a unique approach to animal health that resonates with pet owners seeking holistic solutions.

Dr. Pearson’s practice at Paws to Heal is inspired by spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy, whose teachings emphasize fulfilling one’s true potential. As a dedicated student of Sri Chinmoy, Dr. Pearson incorporates meditation and spiritual practices into her veterinary care, enhancing her ability to communicate with and heal her animal patients. By working closely with committed pet owners, Dr. Pearson aims to optimize the well-being of each animal by treating them as unique individuals with their own distinct needs and responses to treatment.

Through her membership in various veterinary associations and her background in veterinary homeopathy, Dr. Pearson brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Paws to Heal. The practice offers integrative natural and alternative health options for animals, catering to those who value holistic approaches to pet care and seek effective solutions beyond conventional treatments. With a compassionate and personalized approach to animal healing, Paws to Heal stands out as a trusted destination for pet owners looking to support their pets’ well-being through natural and holistic means.