Detailed Information

Paws & Reward is a reputable and compassionate animal training business based in Blackwood, Adelaide, South Australia. Led by Lena Logan, a certified fear-free dog trainer with a first-class honours degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare, Paws & Reward focuses on reward-based training methods that are scientifically proven to be effective and humane. Lena’s background in animal welfare and behavior, along with her experience working with organizations like RSPCA and Guide Dogs, ensures that your pet receives the highest quality care and training.

With a commitment to continuous improvement, Lena regularly attends seminars and conferences to enhance her skills and knowledge in animal training. Specializing in addressing challenging behaviors such as barking, aggression, reactivity, and more, Paws & Reward offers personalized training programs tailored to meet the unique needs of each pet and owner. Lena’s training philosophy emphasizes kindness and understanding, creating a positive and enriching experience for both animals and their human companions.

At Paws & Reward, the goal is to set your pet up for success and achieve lasting results without any intimidation or harm. Lena’s dedication to promoting the well-being of animals shines through in her approach to training, which focuses on building strong relationships, effective communication, and positive reinforcement. Contact Paws & Reward today to embark on a rewarding training journey that will enhance the bond between you and your beloved pet.