Detailed Information

Paws & Reward is a premier pet training service founded by Lena Logan, a certified fear-free dog trainer based in Adelaide, South Australia. Lena’s approach to training is rooted in the belief that training should be enjoyable for both the animal and the owner. With a background in Animal Behaviour and Welfare, Lena utilizes reward-based training methods that have been scientifically proven to be effective and humane in addressing unwanted behaviors. By focusing on positive reinforcement, Paws & Reward aims to enhance the relationship between pets and their owners.

Lena Logan’s expertise extends beyond basic obedience training, as she specializes in addressing challenging issues such as barking, aggression, reactivity, and more. With a commitment to continuous improvement, Lena regularly attends seminars and conferences to stay updated on the latest techniques and methodologies in animal training. Her dedication to promoting the well-being of animals is evident in her training philosophy, which emphasizes kindness, understanding, and the importance of building strong relationships between pets and their owners.

At Paws & Reward, pet owners can expect a personalized and compassionate approach to training that focuses on management, relationships, and skill-building. Lena Logan does not use punitive tools such as choke chains or electric collars, instead prioritizing the comfort and happiness of both pets and their human companions. Located in Blackwood, Adelaide, Paws & Reward is dedicated to helping pets and owners achieve real, lasting results while fostering a harmonious and fulfilling bond.