Detailed Information

Pawling Labs is a reputable business located north of Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia, specializing in breeding and training purebred chocolate and black Labrador puppies. As registered breeders with Dogs Queensland, our breeding program focuses on maintaining strict bloodline control to ensure skeletal soundness, true Labrador type, and exceptional temperament and trainability in all our Pawling Labrador pups. Our dogs are ‘full breed profile’ tested clear and live in a rural environment with access to various amenities like livestock, fenced paddocks, orchards, and dams.

Our Labrador puppies are well-socialized and undergo Level 4 obedience and livestock training by 12 months of age. We limit advance orders to maintain quality and offer puppies from our outstanding chocolate and black girls. Puppies are released to their forever homes at 8 weeks of age and come with necessary vaccinations, microchipping, and vet checks. We also provide guidance on preparing for a new puppy, including recommended products and training tips to ensure a smooth transition for both the dog and the owner.

At Pawling Labs, we prioritize the well-being and proper development of our puppies, emphasizing early socialization, exposure to various stimuli, and regular health monitoring. We also offer opportunities for experienced individuals to adopt more mature dogs and provide fostering arrangements in certain cases. Our commitment to matching the right pet with the right owner is reflected in our thorough screening process, where we assess potential pawrents’ suitability based on their lifestyle, experience, and dedication to the care and training of their new furry companion.