Detailed Information

Pawfect Behaviour Dog Training is a premier dog training facility located in a clean, secure, purpose-built space that caters to all your furry friend’s needs. Led by the experienced and certified head trainer, Lauren Hoyle, Pawfect Behaviour offers regular puppy classes and various training sessions to help your dog develop good behavior and obedience skills. With a Certificate III in Dog Training and Behaviour from the National Dog Trainer’s Federation of Australia, Lauren brings over a decade of experience working with dogs, starting from her days as a dog walker in Sydney’s Northern Beaches area.

  • Regular Puppy Classes: Pawfect Behaviour provides structured and engaging puppy classes to help your young canine companion learn essential socialization skills and basic obedience commands in a safe and controlled environment.
  • Private Obedience Training: In addition to group classes, Pawfect Behaviour offers private obedience training lessons tailored to address specific behavior issues or to work on advanced training techniques with individual attention from the expert trainers.
  • Behaviour Consultations: Understanding that every dog is unique, Pawfect Behaviour also offers behavior consultations to address any behavioral concerns or challenges you may be facing with your furry friend, providing personalized solutions and guidance to improve your dog’s overall well-being.