Detailed Information

Paw & Order Noosa is a premier dog training and behavior modification business located in Castaways Beach. Led by Jo, a dedicated Canine Behavior professional with extensive experience and qualifications in Canine Communication, the business focuses on force-free, fear-free, and choice-based training methods. Jo’s passion for dogs and commitment to understanding canine communication have led to the development of specialized programs for puppies, teenage dogs, senior dogs, and reactive dogs.

With a strong emphasis on promoting the bond between dogs and their owners, Paw & Order Noosa offers low-impact activities that enhance mental and physical health while fostering a deeper connection. Through bespoke freework sessions tailored to individual needs, Jo aims to empower dog owners to interpret their pets’ body language and signals effectively. By providing in-person consultations, along with educational resources for at-home training, the business equips clients with the tools to nurture their dogs’ skills and confidence for a healthy adulthood.

  • Force-free, fear-free, and choice-based coaching
  • Specialized programs for puppies, teenage dogs, senior dogs, and reactive dogs
  • Focus on canine communication and understanding body language
  • Promotion of mental and physical health through low-impact activities