Detailed Information

Padfoot Canine Behaviour is a leading professional canine behaviour practice located on the Sunshine Coast. Specializing in providing expert behavioural solutions for dogs, Padfoot is owned and operated by specialist animal behaviourists with postgraduate qualifications in animal behaviour and science. With a deep understanding and love for dogs, the team at Padfoot is dedicated to helping dog owners build better relationships with their furry companions through effective communication and motivation.

At Padfoot, we offer practical and common-sense advice for a wide range of behavioural issues such as barking, separation anxiety, digging, aggression, and more. Our commitment to maintaining the highest ethical standards is reflected in our ethical approval to work with animals and our memberships in reputable organizations such as [Organization Name] and [Organization Name]. Whether you are a newcomer looking to enroll in our group classes or seeking private appointments for behavioural consultations, Padfoot Canine Behaviour is here to help you create the relationship your dog deserves.

  • Specialist programs offered by Padfoot include snake avoidance training, conservation detection, and upcoming services in livestock handling and mustering. The expertise of our team extends beyond dogs to include horses, livestock, invasive and native wildlife. With a focus on providing scientifically-validated behavioural solutions, Padfoot Canine Behaviour is your trusted partner in understanding and communicating with your beloved pets.