Detailed Information

Outpaws Homebased Pet Boarding is a reputable and established business that has been operating since July 2017, offering top-notch pet sitting services in a cozy home environment for over 2 years. Situated on a secure quarter-acre property with a spacious house, we provide ample space both indoors and outdoors for your beloved pets. Our facility includes designated areas for pets needing special care, such as those recovering from illness or requiring extra attention.

At Outpaws, we believe in providing a homely experience for dogs, allowing them to roam freely inside and outside the property, socialize with other pets, and enjoy a range of activities. Our furry guests are treated as part of our family, receiving love, care, nutritious meals, treats, exercise, and plenty of playtime. We go the extra mile by sending regular updates and photos to pet owners, ensuring they can relax knowing their pets are in good hands.

With a focus on individualized care, we cater to dogs with various needs, including those with behavioral issues or medical conditions. Our limited capacity ensures personalized attention, and we take the time to assess compatibility among pets to create a harmonious environment. Clients appreciate our professional and caring approach, as evidenced by the glowing testimonials from satisfied pet owners. Book your pet’s stay with Outpaws for a safe, loving, and enjoyable boarding experience.