Detailed Information

Our Vet Stud Park is a leading veterinary clinic that is part of the Best Friends Pets complete pet care solution precinct. Established in 2007 with the opening of the first Our Vet Clinic in Geelong, the business has been at the forefront of changing the landscape of pet care in Australia. By offering a comprehensive range of pet care products, premium professional services, and personalized information on pet health and preventative care, Our Vet Stud Park provides pet owners with a one-stop solution for all their pet care needs.

As an integral part of the Best Friends superstore, Our Vet Stud Park prides itself on delivering thorough and comprehensive pet care to a diverse range of pet owners. The clinic is staffed by experienced veterinarians who are dedicated to creating a “happy & healthy” life for pets, pet parents, and the community. With a focus on supporting pet adoption through initiatives like the Kitten Adoption Program, Our Vet Stud Park is committed to finding forever homes for around 1000 kittens annually.

At Our Vet Stud Park, caring for pets is not just a service but a way of life. The clinic’s mission is centered around serving the welfare of pets above all else, with a team that is united in their dedication to delivering exceptional care every day. From pioneering programs to embracing partnerships that benefit pets and their owners, Our Vet Stud Park is proud of the difference they make in the lives of animals and the community.