Detailed Information

Our Vet Lidcombe is a full-service veterinary clinic located within the Best Friends Pets store, dedicated to providing comprehensive and quality pet care to furry companions in the area. With a deep understanding of the vital role pets play in the lives of their owners, the team at Our Vet emphasizes the importance of regular vet visits for both treatment and preventive care. From check-ups and vaccinations to desexing, surgery, and dental care, they offer a wide range of services to keep pets healthy and happy.

At Our Vet, the focus is on prevention rather than cure, aiming to keep pets in optimal condition and safeguard them against potential illnesses. The clinic offers services such as microchipping, x-rays, pathology tests, and professional grooming, ensuring that all aspects of pet health and well-being are covered under one roof. With a commitment to changing the landscape of pet care, Our Vet is part of the Best Friends Pets complete pet care solution precinct, providing pet owners with access to premium services and products in a convenient location.

Founded in 2007, Our Vet has been at the forefront of delivering thorough and comprehensive pet care to a diverse range of pet owners. As an integral part of the Best Friends superstore, the clinic is staffed by experienced veterinarians who are dedicated to creating a “happy and healthy” life for pets and their owners. Through innovative programs like the Kitten Adoption Program, Our Vet demonstrates a deep commitment to animal welfare and the well-being of all pets in the community.