Detailed Information

Our Vet Kawana is a full-service veterinary clinic located within the Best Friends Pets store, dedicated to providing comprehensive and quality pet care to the beloved animals in our community. With a strong belief in the importance of preventive care, our team of experienced veterinarians offers a wide range of services to keep pets in optimal health and safeguard against potential illnesses.

At Our Vet Kawana, we offer services such as check-ups, vaccinations, microchipping, desexing, full surgery, pathology tests, x-rays, dental care, professional cat grooming, and treatments for various parasites. Our commitment to pet wellness extends beyond medical care, as we also offer prescription diets and support programs to ensure the overall well-being of your furry companions.

Since our inception in 2007, Our Vet has been at the forefront of revolutionizing pet care by providing a one-stop solution for pet owners, offering not just medical services but also a range of pet care products and personalized information on pet health. With a focus on creating a “happy & healthy” life for pets and their owners, Our Vet Kawana is proud to be a trusted partner in the journey of pet ownership, making a positive impact in the lives of pets and their families.