Detailed Information

Our Vet Helensvale is a full-service veterinary clinic located inside Best Friends Pets stores, dedicated to providing comprehensive and quality pet care to furry companions in the Helensvale area. With a strong belief in the importance of preventive care, the team at Our Vet emphasizes regular check-ups, vaccinations, and other essential services to keep pets in optimal health and safeguard against potential illnesses.

Since its inception in 2007 in Geelong, Our Vet has been at the forefront of changing the landscape of pet care in Australia. As part of the Best Friends Pets complete pet care solution precinct, Our Vet offers a wide range of services including microchipping, desexing, surgery, dental care, grooming, and more. The clinic’s vision is to create a “happy & healthy” life for pets, pet parents, and their team members, making a positive impact in the pet-owning community.

With a dedicated team of experienced veterinarians and a commitment to pet welfare, Our Vet Helensvale stands out as a boutique family of general practices that prioritize thorough and comprehensive pet care. Through initiatives like the Kitten Adoption Program, which finds forever homes for around 1000 kittens annually, Our Vet demonstrates a deep-rooted passion for animal well-being and a mission to deliver exceptional care every day.