Detailed Information

Orthodontic Smile Practice is a leading orthodontic clinic based in Adelaide, dedicated to helping individuals achieve beautiful and healthy smiles. Our team of compassionate, caring, and experienced orthodontists offer a wide range of tailored treatment options to straighten teeth and enhance smiles. With a vision to provide the highest quality orthodontic care, our specialists have undergone extensive post-graduate training to accurately diagnose and treat various facial and dental abnormalities.

Operating out of our main hub at Marion Shopping Centre, Orthodontic Smile Practice also accepts bookings in North Adelaide, Hallett Cove, Alice Springs, Broken Hill, and Roxby Downs. Patients can rest assured that they will receive personalized care directly from the orthodontist at every stage of their treatment, ensuring optimal and individualized care. Whether individuals require conventional braces or invisible aligners, our expert orthodontists are equipped to deliver exceptional results for patients of all ages.

As a passionate and dedicated family business, Orthodontic Smile Practice is committed to providing expert advice and working collaboratively with patients to achieve their desired smiles. To schedule an appointment or make inquiries, individuals can contact us at (08) 8296 5683. Experience the difference with Orthodontic Smile Practice and embark on a journey towards a confident and radiant smile.